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LaShell Alexander (Miss LA) was born in Burbank Ca June 19 1988. Miss LA knew by the age of 9 years old that she wanted to be a star. Making up poems, Raps, and songs for her friends, Family, and classmates. At the age of 10 Miss LA started a group called the Lil G's with her as the singer, her sister as the Dancer, and her brother as the Rapper. They performed at different locations and Birthday Parties. In 1996 Miss LA mother became friends with the R&B group Az Yet, and Miss LA learned a lot from the singers.


Dion Allen from Az Yet entered Miss LA in a Universal Studios Talented Kids competion, and she won first place. While her brother and sister no longer wanted to do music anymore Miss LA had other plans in mind. She wrote a rap for a school project on the Immortal Gods. Not only did she get an A on the project she received a standing ovation from her classmates who loved the song.” When I was in 5th grade I joined the school choir and the church choir" Miss LA wanted to do it all, also joining the Drama department and taking up dance lessons. Music has always been my number one choice. "I won so many talent shows in school, but my senior year I won first place from a rap I wrote called "Welcome to Burbank" Miss LA stayed focused on school but as soon as she graduated in 2006, she took her dream

in full effect. Performing at places such as BB Kings house of blues, The Aura, The Port, Hollywood Bar and Grill, Terrace, The G club, the cat club, and Bluemoon nightclub.


Miss LA got cast in the show Americas Prom Queen in 2008. She was the cocky Rapper Chick with a smart mouth, but made the girls laugh, and made America love to hate her. Than Miss LA was cast on Everybody Hates Chris, Cory in the House, Monk (with snoop dogg) and she also did best friend date feat Drake.


In 2009 Miss LA wrote her hit song "I’m a star" feat Vada and "Fall in Love". Wanting to do an upbeat song she came across Blackberry and instantly fell in love with it. "I think that Blackberry is a cool upbeat song that you can dance to. Everybody with or without a blackberry phone will love this song because it’s that kind of song to get stuck in your head". Cosmo Girl featured Miss LA in there April Issue. Miss LA was also in the 2009 release of the movie FAME. “I had fun onset, love being around musical people. This is all so new to me, but I enjoy the feeling"! Miss LA has recently been featured on WSS magazine “Queen Hype”, She did an interview about being a West coast Hip Hop Female Rapper. Also featured in Urban Streetality which you can view her interview online with Alex Ro. Miss LA single “Watch me make it” is now available on I-Tunes for purchase.


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