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R.K. Records/Management Founder and President/Chief Executive Officer, Jay Pugh (known more widely as Grand Master Jay) is a native of Jamaica Queens, New York.  His family moved to Muncie, Indiana, when he was a small child, and Grand Master Jay grew up there and developed his love for music and talent as a writer as an active member of his church. “Every Easter, I was given a speech to recite in church,” he remembers, “and I would rewrite it in rhyme!”  His fellow congregation members were amused by this, and soon Grand Master Jay was singing at house parties and composing what today we know as rap songs.  Soon, he was performing with a group called Sons of Curtis Blow, which later evolved into the popular Run DMC.


Grand Master Jay has built a reputation over the past two decades gaining renown popularity as a producer, writer, arranger, artist and actor.  To his credit are 26 movie soundtracks and the music for 24 commercials.  He has produced and developed over 100 acts, among them Public Enemy, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Breastie Boys, Michael Jackson, M. C. Hammer, Tone Loc, Prince, Morris Day, Boy Wonder, Calico Carrot Soul, Young and the Restless, Project X, Tevin Campbell, Karen White and many, many others.  Grand Master Jay is responsible for the discovery of High School Musical superstar Vanessa Higgins.  His current up-and-coming acts include hip hop sensation Yng Rob and the hot new girl group BitterSweet.


His work in the movie and video industry is extensive. He has directed over 30 videos and written the scripts for more than 50.  He is the Executive Producer on the Suspense Films projects Doomsday Kiss, A Time to Die and Album Cover.  Grand Master Jay has significant acting roles in Tougher Than Leather, Krush Groove, Skatetown USA, Fade to Black, Motel Hell, Valentino, The Freddie Printz Story, Back Up Off Me and Ghost Dog.  He also appeared on HBO’s Not Necessarily the News.


Grand Master Jay has rebrand R. K. Records/Management to be more inclusive of the music industry, adding acts beyond the realm of hip hop in pop and R&B.  “Our objective is to become a successful record/management company that is respected and highly regarded both within the music industry and the wider business community as well,” he says.


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